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A Quarterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi
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"Saar Sansaar" is a Vorstellung of Dr. Amrit Mehta for those lovers of world literature, who want to read their literature in Hindi - in an undiluted form, where the original text does not come to them through the filter of English. This is a modest effort to restore Hindi it's rightful glorious place in the world, whereby Hindi readers do not have to depend on some English and American translator to decide for them, what kind of literature from various foreign languages they should read.

With the first issue of the 19th year of SAAR SANSAAR we are wrapping up the most sensational German book - GANZ UNTEN by Guenter Wallraff - of the last century, which we have been serializing in our magazine with its very first issue published in January 1996. The topical content of this book had created sensation all over Europe in the mid-Eighties of the last century; it was translated in every major language of the world, and has been one of the best-sold books in the history of German literature. It has been a part of the history of "SAAR SANSAAR" since its inception 19 years back. The other texts published in this issue are by Austrian writers Robert Menasse, Alexander Peer, Hans Eichhorn , Syrian writer Zakaria Tamir, and Irani writer Abzi Khanom. There are two folk-tales, one Russian, translated by Priti Das, and one Chinese, translated by Nishit Kumar. Both are new translators like Nadeem Akhtar, whose Irani story could not be accommodated in the last issue and can be read in this issue. Now, with these 3 young translators, the number of new translators, translating from a source foreign language into Hindi, has grown to 70. A world record? But the people at the Guinness Book of World Records, according to them, do not have any category for such records. But we, at SAAR SANSAAR, will continue to create more such records. Please click here to read the new issue.

With that I wish you all a Very Happy New Year 2014! Cheers!

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