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A Quarterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi
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"Saar Sansaar" is a Vorstellung of Dr. Amrit Mehta for those lovers of world literature, who want to read their literature in Hindi - in an undiluted form, where the original text does not come to them through the filter of English. This is a modest effort to restore Hindi it's rightful glorious place in the world, whereby Hindi readers do not have to depend on some English and American translator to decide for them, what kind of literature from various foreign languages they should read.

The January-March 15 issue of Saar Sansaar is another special issue with German literature. This time we are offering German Fairy Tales. This issue becomes very special for the reason that the 11 German fairy tales have been translated from German into Hindi by 11 new translators. The translations are the product of a Translation Workshop, which was conducted by me in the German Department of the Banasthali Vidyapeeth, Rajasthan, at the behest of the Head of Department of German, Dr. Hamsavahini Singh. It offered me a great opportunity of discovering new talents in my area. Foreign Languages are taught in many Universities in India; many Universities have Translation Departments, but practically no University offers training of translating foreign language literatures into Indian languages. These girls, who while studying mainly their own subject for graduation, are doing Advance Diploma in German; and their understanding of German and command over Hindi left me so overwhelmed that I have hopes that that at least a couple of girls, if they continued with their relationship with German in future, would certainly take to translating German literature into Hindi at some point of time. Our new translators are Aaditi Ghosh, Aaditi Rastogi, Aditya Divya Singh, Amrit Kulshreshtha, Kanika Tandan, Tanya Rastogi, Meenakshi Singh, Shweta Kumari, Saumya Srivastava, Shaivali Singh and Hilansi Rawat. For now they have been given easy reading material for children to translate, which must have certainly given some boost to their self-confidence. And I can vouch for Aaditi Rastogi, Aditya Divya Singh, Amrita Kulshreshtha, Saumya Srivastava, Meenakshi Singh and Hilansi Rawat that they have it in them to become good literary translators. The credit for this goes undeniably to Hamsavahini Singh, who is our Guest Editor for this issue, and who must have guided them actively in bringing out good quality target texts.

With the first issue of this year the number of translators – produced by Saar Sansar - translating directly from foreign languages into Hindi has increased to 88 – only 12 less than 100. A review of the Hindi translation of Marianne Gruber’s novel Die Erinnerung eines Narren, which could not published in our last issue due to lack of space, has now been published in this issue. For reading the magazine please click here!

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