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A Quarterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi
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"Saar Sansaar" is a Vorstellung of Dr. Amrit Mehta for those lovers of world literature, who want to read their literature in Hindi - in an undiluted form, where the original text does not come to them through the filter of English. This is a modest effort to restore Hindi it's rightful glorious place in the world, whereby Hindi readers do not have to depend on some English and American translator to decide for them, what kind of literature from various foreign languages they should read.

The latest issue of "Saar Sansaar" is a Special Issue. This time we are bringing our readers short-stories from Saudi Arabia. Indo-Arab cultural and trade relations are thousands of years old. Saudi Arabia is an important country in the Arab world, and for long has had good political relations with India at almost every level. Saudi literature is in many ways 'different' from the literature, what we normally get to read in India. Vast deserts, rich oil-wells and deficient rainfall are the themes, which make it different from other narratives. In this issue the readers will find short-stories by Hussain Ali Hussain, Ilham Aqla al-Barhim, Laila al-Harbi, Hassan Ali al-Butran, Ibrahim Sheikh, Malaq Khalidi, Ibrahim Sheikh Magefuri, Tahir al-Zehrani, Sayyad Moosa al.Badri and Mohd. Ahsan Alwan. In our endeavour ofgiving Indian readers foreign literature directly from the source languages we are adding three fresh Arabic translators to our list – Mohd. Ziaullah, Akhtar Alam and Naseem Ahmad, and it brings the number of our translators to 75, who are translating directly from various foreign languages into Hindi.
The Guest Editor of this issue is Rizwanur Rahman, who has been on our Editorial Board for the last 19 years.

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