Saar Sansaar
A Quarterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi
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"Saar Sansaar" is a Vorstellung of Dr. Amrit Mehta for those lovers of world literature, who want to read their literature in Hindi - in an undiluted form, where the original text does not come to them through the filter of English. This is a modest effort to restore Hindi it's rightful glorious place in the world, whereby Hindi readers do not have to depend on some English and American translator to decide for them, what kind of literature from various foreign languages they should read.

The July-Sep. 2015-issue of "Saar Sansaar" contains extracts from two books being serialized in the magazine, viz. Guenter Grass' Biography by Volker Neuhaus and Franz Hohlers Die Steinflut". There is a German poem of Gesa Singer, and a story by Wolf Dietrich Schnurre, a Slovak storyb y Helena Dvorakova, a Czeck story by Jan Neruda, and a topical memoir by the Austrian author Dorothea Machainer, which our readers might find quite riveting due to its relevance to the prevailing atmosphere of terror surrounding the world.


My Editorial in the last issue about the Sahitya Akademi has had some weird effect. One of my Editors has resigned from the Editorial Board, and another person has warned me not to write such stuff in my magazine.

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