Saar Sansaar
A Quaterly Magazine of Foreign Language Literatures in Hindi
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1.July-September, 1996 Swiss-German literature
2.October-December, 1996 Austrian literature
3.April-June, 1997 Czeck literature
4.October-December, 1997 Slovak literature
5.April-June, 1999 Norwegian literature
6.July-September, 1999 Hungarian literature
7.January-March, 2001 Kuwaiti literature
8.July-September, 2001 Austrian literature (Author: Andreas Weber)
9.April-June, 2002 Austrian literature (Author: Zdenka Becker)
10.January-April, 2003 German Language Literature
11.July-September, 2004 Austrian Literature of the New Century
12.April-June, 2005 Swiss-German Literature (Franz Hohler)